At our farm we are firm believers that every animal/bird/waterfowl should be raised in their most natural state! They should have full access to the outdoors all year round if they like. Their environment should be spacious and clean with clean drinking water and organic or at the very least non gmo grains. Our animals all have jobs .... even though they are unaware. Our birds(chickens, duck, geese and turkeys) have one of the most important jobs there is on our farm! They keep the bugs off our apple trees, cherry trees and our vegetable garden!! We don't have to put anything on any plant we grow and they have very few bug bites, all because of our amazing birds/waterfowl!

Two birds with one stone ;) We allow the birds/waterfowl to tour through our orchard and gardens, we get beautiful fruit and vegetables and the birds are the happiest most nutritious bird you will ever eat!! 

We raise many rare and heritage breed birds including the buff Orpington duck, Indian runner duck, Beltsville white turkey, Bourbon red turkey,  Black copper Maran chicken, Ameraucana chicken, Jersey giant chicken, Chantecler chicken, Toulouse goose and Sabastibol goose. We sell hatching eggs off these birds as well as chicks and breeding stock.   

**Please contact us to order meat birds or eggs of duck or chicken for consumption. Or if you are interested in breeding stock/ backyard poultry/ hatching eggs ( we ship eggs all over Canada). Thank you!