Although we are not certified organic, our sheep pasture has been in pasture for five years now and has only been fertilized with manure out of our barns


Our grass fed lamb is born in January/February and is fed haylage and mothers milk until the pasture is ready. They are put out on pasture from the end of May until August. These lambs are out on pasture and mothers milk until they are ready for processing.  Our ewes are a cross of two dairy breeds East Friesian and Lacaune, they are bred to Suffolk or Texel. The combination of high milk production and grass make for a very tender and delicious lamb.

We butcher to your specifications, at a government certified local butcher, lambs typically dress out at 50 - 60 lbs. at $10./lb.

For smaller orders or for the purchase of live animals please contact us.

*Our lamb is finished now until summer 2017

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