South African Boerboels are an obedient and intelligent dog, with strong guard dog instincts. They are affectionate and playful toward their owners. They are very good with children they know. In our home our male is often used as a couch cushion. Our dogs will allow our children to ride on their backs and will pull our children in their wagon. They can’t get enough attention.

Boerboels are fearless and will protect their family with their life. When we are not home they will not allow anyone in or near the house unless they know you very well. We introduce our dogs to each person who comes on our property. Boerboels require a dominant owner, with the right owner these dogs can make wonderful pets!

Our Male weighs approx. 165lbs. The breed is known for being muscular, large and very impressive looking. SABT does not register a Boerboel until that Boerboel is at least 12 months old, has been evaluated and its visible qualities have been found to be of breed quality. To perserve and impove the breed, the dog must achieve a point of 75% or more.

Our female was recently appraised at 86.9%.

And our male scored 88.2% !!


These dogs complement each other both physically and personality wise. If you have any questions about our dogs, please contact us!


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