Our pork is fed with non-GMO grains, free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Most importantly they are out in our little bush rooting around and have acres of grass in the apple orchard to eat. In the winter they enjoy haylage out in the snow and non gmo grains in the barn.

We do not castrate or cut teeth, our pigs live a very laid back, stress free life. We don't even give iron shots as they are rooting in the dirt as soon as they are able and get all the vitamins and minerals they need naturally.

Our pork is butchered to your specifications at our government certified butcher for $4.50/lb.

We sell our pork by the whole or a half they will weigh out approx., 200 lbs.

For smaller orders please contact us.



Our pigs are Tamworth which is a breed well fitted for Canadian climates. They are not only durable and rugged, but these pigs are extremely well suited for forest grazing. This breed was a perfect fit for us because Tamworth’s display a good disposition and enjoy the attention of humans, which they get a lot of from our four children.

Although we are not certified organic, our pig pastures have been in grass for more then 15 years and has only been fertilized with manure out of our barns.


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