I enjoy buying McIntosh Farms meat because I am welcome to come and see how my future meat is raised and how well it is cared for, the obvious love and attention displayed by the McIntosh family towards all of their animals really comes through in the quality of the meat!
Chris-Woodstock, Ontario

We love our freezer stocked with McIntosh Farms pork. We didn't have to worry about the quality or the source of the product as you do some times when buying from the grocery store. I was very satisfied with knowing the family and the farm as well as the standards the McIntosh family hold themselves to. I would order again and again!
Jaime-Lucan, Ontario

Compliments to Shawn and Erin. I don't eat red meat very often (maybe 6x per year) your steak has me sneaking pieces off my sons plate! Simply AMAZING!
Thank you
Amanda - Woodstock, ON.

Hello Erin
The meat is fabulous. Everything fit perfectly into our freezer. Thank you for the delivery and the friendly service. 
Bruce - Stratford ON. (This family ordered a half pork and quarter beef)

Our Naturopath doctor recommended McIntosh Farms as a good source for quality grass-fed beef and meats.  We ordered ground beef, lamb, steaks, and roasts, which were cheerfully delivered to our door (as we are luckily on route to the Slow Food Market in Stratford!!!)
The meat is top-notch, the prices reasonable and the service wonderful!  I can’t wait for spring to go visit the farm in person and see wonderful sustainable farming in action!
Jennifer - Millbank, ON.

Hi Erin

We had t-bone steaks last night and they were delicious. The meat was tender and didn't need any marinating. The steaks were huge so our little dog got a taste of them too - needless to say he was very happy to be spoiled! I'm looking forward to cooking more with all the varieties of meat in my freezer!
Brenda - Kitchener, Ontario (quarter beef)
Hey Shawn,
I cooked up some of your pork sausage last night, it was awesome!! No grease at all, when I buy from the store it usually has tons.
Tyler - Brunner, Ontario
Hi Erin and Shawn
 As always we are enjoying both the beef and the pork we purchased from your farm. What a world of difference compared to what is available at the grocery store! The meat is extremely lean , tender, moist and full of flavor, needs no marinating and is tasty on the barbeque or in the oven. Most of all it is great to know exactly where your meat is from and that it is hormone free, antibiotic free and slow grown on a pasture instead of the mass market beef and pork lots.
Thank you for your wonderfully healthy and delicious products
. We will definitely be buying meat from you in the future.
Marlene and Peter -Hesson Ont.
Hello Erin,
We cooked up some italian pork sausage the other night and they were very tasty. My toddler even loved it, and you know how picky they can be. I like knowing what I'm feeding my family; its local meat and you know what's in it (not packed with all those fillers like meat from the store) I have bought meat from McIntosh farms many times before and it is always delicious!"
Cailin - Elma, Ontario
McIntosh family
That was hands down the best lamb we have ever had, Thank-you!
Stratford, Ontario
(This couple had our grass fed lamb.) 
Erin - we love it. Excellent product. It would be great if it was all vacuum packed but other than that , we are really enjoying it.   We'll be back. 
Rick White - Stratford, Ontario (grass fed lamb)
The meat has been great so far. The beef ribs on Sunday night were very delicious. I will definitely be in touch when we need to restock. And I will surely recommend you to friends and family.  Thanks so much!!
Emily - Stratford, Ontario

McIntosh Farms bacon has been a joy to discover. The texture from the package, the aroma in the pan and the flavour is unequaled. I will never buy pork from anyone else again!
Tom - Newmarket, Ontario

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